Komplexität managen mit Design Sprints

Was haben eine Salesforce Implementierung, der Aufenthalt an einem Flughafen, die Bedienung einer Kamera oder das Onboarding neuer Mitarbeiter im Unternehmen gemeinsam? Es sind alles Probleme, die besser definiert und ganz oder in Ansätzen konzeptionell auch gelöst wurden – dank eines Design Sprints. Design Thinking hat man eventuell schon mal gehört. Es […]

Experiencing the Power of Liberating Structures – A Practical Example

Are you tired of the ever same brainstorming sessions in your workshops? Are you annoyed by extroverts voicing their opinions whilst introverted colleagues rather keep their opinions and ideas to themselves? Do you need to engage a large number of people to support sustainable change? […]

Technology changes, humans don’t – or do they?

Although social tools have been around for almost 20 years and have seen a huge surge in the past 10 years, there are many organisations that have only recently started implementing them at scale. The above image was created by Hugh MacLeod in 2007 but it was […]