EU blogging on the rise?

[ I originally published this post on the Headshift blog in 2007. ]

Earlier this week Mariann Fischer Boel, Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development entered the blogosphere. Welcome, Mariann! As far as I know, is she the second high-ranked person at the EU who blogs.

She is following the good example of Margot Wallström, Commissioner for Institutional Relations and Communication who has been blogging for the last two years. In an interview with a German news magazine M. Wallström explained her main motivation for blogging:

‘It makes us inhabitants of Planet Brussels more human […] it is important not only to inform people, but also to listen to them.’

Well, I am wondering to what extent she actually listens to the people that leave comments on her blog. By browsing through the comments one gets the impression that the blog is in fact a playground for notorious bellyacher who just want to dump their frustration concerning the EU. No, I am not suggesting that everyone should favour the EU nor its activities, but if they do have something to say, at least one could expect them contributing in a constructive manner. Too often, interesting discussions are carried away by non-relevant comments and complaints smashing the original idea of blogging – to engage in conversation and dialog.

And yet, Margot Wallström keeps blogging and Mariann Fischer Boel has just started. I sincerely hope that other civil servants at the EU will follow them soon and start talking about their lives and share their ideas and views on the EU.

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